Electric Motors You Can Trust

As a new entrant to the market in 2014, Askari Electric is excited to offer a European quality electric motor at the most competitive pricing in the market.  The company founders have in excess of 25 years experience as market end-users of the product and therefore an in-depth understanding of the demands and day-to-day customer requirements.  It is with this as the driving force that Askari is strategically positioned to fulfill customer needs from day one.

Motors are manufactured by Able Motor Group in Fujian province, China - which is the leading enterprise in small and medium electric motors and one of the top three aluminium motor manufacturers in their country.  Manufacturing quality standard include ISO9001:2000 certification and other global standards for worldwide export.

These electric motors are available throughout Europe and the United States under various market leading brands, which instills the confidence that product quality and customer satisfaction will become synonymous with Askari.We have an established dealer network throughout South Africa to ensure that product coverage and our brand footprint are promoted with the right strategic partners.

This infancy phase brings with it a lot of excitement and envisaged hard work to ensure that Askari will become a household name across all major industries for all automation processes. With the focus on relentless customer service excellence we are proud to become your partner to ensure you experience power and control for reliable automation!


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